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Haar eerste muzikale successen boekte Rhiannon Giddens als zangeres, violist en banjo-speler bij de country- en bluesband Carolina Chocolate Drops. Na het verschijnen van haar soloalbum Tomorrow Is My Turn vorig jaar, verschijnt begin volgend jaar het nieuwe album Freedom Highway. Dat gaat gepaard met een maatschappelijke boodschap van Giddens zelf:

“I am a daughter of the South; of the white working class, of the black working class; of the Democrat, and the Republican; of the gay, and the straight; and I can tell you one thing—we are far more alike than we are different. We cannot let hate divide us; we cannot let ignorance diminish us; we cannot let those whose greed fills their every waking hour take our country from us. They can’t take U.S. from US—unless we let them. I recorded this with Bhi Bhiman, all-American singer-songwriter from St. Louis, whose parents are from Sri Lanka. America’s strength are her people, whether they came 4,000, 400, or 40 years ago, and we can’t leave anyone behind. Let’s walk down Freedom Highway together. Written by Pops Staples in 1965.”